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Waage - Speisekarte 



Lightly fried artichoke heats
dressed with balsamic vinegar on a bed
of carpccio of tomatoes


€ 6,50

Beef carpaccio
on a bed of rocket salad with thinly slices champignons and parmesan cheese


€ 11,50

Rucola-melone salad
with parma ham ,thinly grated parmesan cheese,
cheery tomatoes and pine nuts  


€ 10,50

Antipasta italiana
umpteen of grilled and marinated vegetables
parma ham and parmesan chees 

€ 8,50



Waage - Speisekarte 




Cream of tomato soup
from fresh vine tomatoes


€ 5,50

italian vegetable soup with parmesan cheese


€ 6,00

Fish soup
a la bouillabaisse

€ 9,00



Waage - Speisekarte 




in sage butter, with fresh parmesan cheese


€ 8,50

Paglio e Fieno Eryngii
Paglio e Fieno with wild mushroom and meat slices 
in a light demi-glace


€ 10,50

Fettucine al Nero di Sepia con Gamberi

black Fettucines with Prawns and

Zucchini strip in a trusses of molten Tomatoes sauce


€ 15,50

Tagliatelle waage
tagliatelle with shrimps, fresh champignons, paprika
with a hint of garlic and white wine


€ 9,50



Waage - Speisekarte 

Meat Dishes 


Grilled fillet of beef
grilled fillet of Argentina beef
coated in bacon


€ 24,50

Beef fillet madagascar
grilled fillet of Argentina beef
on a fine green pepper- cognac sauce 


€ 26,50

Medaillon dijonaise
fillet of pork, cooked in its own juices,
with a fine French Dijon mustard sauce 


€ 14,50

Saltimbocca alla romana 
medaillon of calf fried in sage butter
covered with parma ham  


€ 17,50

Calf´s liver alla salvia 
fried in sage butter
with a hint of white wine 

€ 15,50


With our meat dishes we serve vegetables and potatoes


Waage - Speisekarte 


Fish Dishes 


Grilled fillet of perch
with a herbal olive oil and pink pepper
and grated lemon rind  


€ 16,50

Grilled salmon fillet 
Norwegian salmon with pink pepper
served with a herbal olive oil

€ 15,50

Grilled scampi 
large shrimps grilled, with a hint of garlic 
served with a herbal olive oil


€ 20,50

Scampi al Forno

large shrimps from the furnace

in white wein and garlic sauce


€ 21,50


With our fish dishes we served vegetables, potatoes 

und small salad.


Waage - Speisekarte 




Panna cotta
cream dessert
with a fruit sauce 


€ 5,50

Crème brûlée


€ 7,50

Tirami su


€ 5,50

truffle ice cream 
with vanilla centre  


€ 5,50

Cheeseboard „Waage“ 
choise by sorts of cheese 
with figs – mustard and walnuts

€ 10,50